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Additional processor License packs

Multi-Processing Computer Systems (SMP) or those computers having more than one CPU.

SMP5.0 License Pack LA083-UX50-5.0.7

OpenServer Kernel Personality

The OKP add-on supports the installation of a full OpenServer application environment on UnixWare 7.1.4 including emulation support for most Xenix applications in use with OpenServer today.

OKP License Pack LA417-UW00-1.0

Advanced File and Print Server 4.0

Enables scalable file and print sharing with PCs running Microsoft Windows. AFPS allows you to seamlessly access file and printers in the native Windows format from native UnixWare / OpenServer business applications running on the server. AFPS provides peer-to peer compatibility with Microsoft Windows Server so the desktop clients interoperate with the OpenServer/UnixWare server exactly the same as if it were a Microsoft Windows server.

5-User Base Package SCO OpenServer 5 License Pack LA077-UX50-4.0

Reliant®HA 1.1.3

Reliant Provides high-availability clustering solutions for customers that require high levels of application, system and data availability. Using Reliant HA you can create highly available 2-to-4 node clusters. Unlike expensive proprietary solutions, Reliant HA supports industry standard Intel processor servers with off-the-shelf RAID and networking solutions. Unlike some solutions that use redundant systems and peripherals, all nodes in the cluster can be used. There is no need for an idle system(s) to be allocated for use only for failover purposes.


Single Server License License Pack LA490-0001-1.1
2-Node Bundle for UnixWare 7.1.3 Includes two (2) UnixWare 7.1.3 Business Edition operating system licenses and two (2) ReliantHA Single Server licenses License Pack LB490-UW00-1.1
Protección contra Malware: REAL TIME PROTECTION
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