Marz 2012

Network Vulnerability Scanner

SAINT offers the only integrated vulnerability assessment and penetration testing tools available anywhere. The SAINT produc suite offers a complete solution to evaluate the threats to the network.

Examine the network with the SAINT vulnerability scanner, and expose where an attacker could breach the network. Go to a higher level of visibility and exploit the vulnerability to prove its existence without a doubt.

SAINT offers three ways to scan the network for vulnerabilities:

SAINT downloadable software: The SAINT network vulnerability scanner has a Web-like graphical user interface that makes it easy to scan the networks.

SAINTbox: This plug and play appliance, powered by SAINT scanning software, provides a turnkey solution for evaluating Class B, Class C, and individual network devices.

WebSAINT and WebSAINT PRO: Online Software as a Service vulnerability scanner is ideal for organizations that need to perform vulnerability scans or meet third party requirements.

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